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haven't looked at my personal lj or flist in at least half a year
haven't kept up with twitter in months
i am awful at managing multiple social networking sites

trying to decide if i even want to transfer my personal over as rp moves to dw
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so here is a post about some shit

comics shit for the last couple weeks, featuring Secret Avengers #13, the Static Shock Special, Onslaught Unleashed, Suburban Glamour and some other shit
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Saw X-Men: First Class earlier, have some thoughts, will share them later after I've gotten sleep or whatever. I really liked it for the most part!
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So, I've been neglecting my main account lately, hadn't even read my flist in about a week until now. Guess I'm still getting in the swing of rping four characters and working full-time again.

so what's going on with me? Well, I got mugged Wednesday night while walking home from work! They got my last $12, but honestly I'd prolly be able shrug it off if only I'd gotten cigarettes at the gas station before it happened instead of figuring I'd make it to the grocery store before they closed.
Whatever whatever, nothing I can do about it. Wasn't hurt, that's the main thing.

Working open to close today. Eleven hours. Goodness.
Worst of it is UPS will almost certainly be delivering my birth certificate while I'm at work, unless they happen to come by in the next hour. Figure I'll just have to hope I catch 'em next time.

I should talk about...comics. Tomorrow. Weird things happening, some interesting reads this week.
Might see X-Men: First Class tomorrow. No grand hopes for it, but there will be Hank at least.
Richard Hell

oh my goodness

between my first paycheck and the final unemployment check, which i should be getting tomorrow
i'm gonna have $400 this week!

i need to get some kind of to-do list going for what i'll do with all this money
~ anywhere from $150-200 should go towards rent
~ regular weekly expenses: cigarettes, comics, whatever isn't food, etc.
~ I AM GETTING NEW JEANS. all of the pants i've bought in the last...three (four?) years have been for work. the last of which is way too tight on my waist. i no longer have a work uniform. this all just adds up.
~ haircut! i think it's been growing since i shaved it last in october, which is way too much for my meager trimmer to handle. let someone else take care of it, start it back from scratch
~ i'm now leaning toward ordering the birth certificate over the phone, so i'd want to set aside the money to pay my credit card bill for that
~ i should also set aside the money for renewing my id once that arrives, and if there's any charge for a replacement social security card (because wherever my birth certificate ended up, that's right there with it)
~ comics i've been eyeballing for months! the avengers: coming of the beast hardcover! i still don't own final crisis: revelations for some reason! justice league international vol. 5! and hopefully the third runaways digest comes in this week because i don't have a paper copy but it is so vital to alex
~ i might actually get a bottle of vodka i miss having vodka
~ maybe see thor? idk! might make x-men: first class a higher priority

also since i get free rentals i've been thinking about picking up a new tv series
right now i'm weighing between whether to watch baccano or the wire first
but if it turns out we have parks & rec then that'll take top spot
Hank McCoy

it's 4a this wasn't a good idea

so now that my twit-ships haven't been working i feel like i should be bringing in actual content


oh well there's one thing
apparently i lost my birth certificate
i need it to renew my id so i can (maybe) get a new bank account
i haven't seen it since march but i can't seem to find it in any of my documents or anything
so the best option would be to order a new one from WA
i could order one by mail for $20 and have it take forever
or a could pay $11 extra and charge it to credit and hopefully have it ship sooner
i can't decide which would be better because i am indecisive

getting my first check from the new job tomorrow
and my last unemployment check saturday
this will be an alright week on financial fronts i think

also i have been listening to robyn a lot lately
particularly dancing on my own and be mine
and indestructible as always
i might be a little envious of her hair
David Bowie

From Twitter 05-13-2011

  • 09:48:37: I just counted and 22 people congratulated me last night, thanks to all of you! Hopefully I won't have to whine about joblessness anymore.
  • 14:18:38: aw yeah cut myself shaving~~ :c
  • 15:32:56: Okay, I am just gonna let those last two tags sit for now. Gotta go to work! 8D
  • 23:27:07: RT @thecarriekelly: i get that you love the boys, i love them too, but did you know that the girls exist as more than an afterthought/angst fodder for the boys
  • 23:36:53: anyway i just wanted you to know that i'm pretty sure this job will be great :D!
  • 23:37:32: also i get 10% off all comics and free rentals, i should start renting things

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David Bowie

From Twitter 05-12-2011

  • 00:07:35: uggghhh i have a headache but no money left for painkillers and the store is closed anyway
  • 20:38:35: my head does not like my lights right now but the sun has gone down and it'd be too dark without them
  • 23:13:04: it really was pretty much as simple as turning in the application this afternoon, and him calling me back today and telling me to come in
  • 23:13:47: after almost eight months of unemployment, too :O

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