Kingston C. Rockwell (aliasjack) wrote,
Kingston C. Rockwell

oh my goodness

between my first paycheck and the final unemployment check, which i should be getting tomorrow
i'm gonna have $400 this week!

i need to get some kind of to-do list going for what i'll do with all this money
~ anywhere from $150-200 should go towards rent
~ regular weekly expenses: cigarettes, comics, whatever isn't food, etc.
~ I AM GETTING NEW JEANS. all of the pants i've bought in the last...three (four?) years have been for work. the last of which is way too tight on my waist. i no longer have a work uniform. this all just adds up.
~ haircut! i think it's been growing since i shaved it last in october, which is way too much for my meager trimmer to handle. let someone else take care of it, start it back from scratch
~ i'm now leaning toward ordering the birth certificate over the phone, so i'd want to set aside the money to pay my credit card bill for that
~ i should also set aside the money for renewing my id once that arrives, and if there's any charge for a replacement social security card (because wherever my birth certificate ended up, that's right there with it)
~ comics i've been eyeballing for months! the avengers: coming of the beast hardcover! i still don't own final crisis: revelations for some reason! justice league international vol. 5! and hopefully the third runaways digest comes in this week because i don't have a paper copy but it is so vital to alex
~ i might actually get a bottle of vodka i miss having vodka
~ maybe see thor? idk! might make x-men: first class a higher priority

also since i get free rentals i've been thinking about picking up a new tv series
right now i'm weighing between whether to watch baccano or the wire first
but if it turns out we have parks & rec then that'll take top spot
Tags: life

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