Kingston C. Rockwell (aliasjack) wrote,
Kingston C. Rockwell

So, I've been neglecting my main account lately, hadn't even read my flist in about a week until now. Guess I'm still getting in the swing of rping four characters and working full-time again.

so what's going on with me? Well, I got mugged Wednesday night while walking home from work! They got my last $12, but honestly I'd prolly be able shrug it off if only I'd gotten cigarettes at the gas station before it happened instead of figuring I'd make it to the grocery store before they closed.
Whatever whatever, nothing I can do about it. Wasn't hurt, that's the main thing.

Working open to close today. Eleven hours. Goodness.
Worst of it is UPS will almost certainly be delivering my birth certificate while I'm at work, unless they happen to come by in the next hour. Figure I'll just have to hope I catch 'em next time.

I should talk about...comics. Tomorrow. Weird things happening, some interesting reads this week.
Might see X-Men: First Class tomorrow. No grand hopes for it, but there will be Hank at least.
Tags: life

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