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The once and future King


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Kingston C. Rockwell
5 February 1986
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My name is King and my mission is to be the coolest guy possible to as many people as I can.
achewood, aesthetics, akira kurosawa, alan moore, alfred hitchcock, animal man, arrested development, art, art spiegelman, avant-garde, barbara gordon, batfamily, batman, bellingham, bill watterson, birds of prey, black canary, blue beetle, bob dylan, bruce lee, bruce timm, bruce wayne, buddy holly, butthole surfers, characterization, clint eastwood, comics, crime fiction, cully hamner, dandy warhols, david bowie, david cronenberg, david mazzucchelli, dc comics, deconstruction, detectives, dinah lance, drawing, dreams, eccentricity, electric light orchestra, ennio morricone, film noir, freedom, funk, fyodor dostoevsky, gail simone, godzilla, green arrow, greg rucka, helena bertinelli, hellboy, house m.d., human rights, humphrey bogart, hunter s. thompson, huntress, iconism, iggy pop, independence, inspiration, jack kirby, jackie chan, jaime reyes, james brown, jazz, jeff smith, jim gordon, jimi hendrix, john cusack, keith giffen, kevin maguire, kurt vonnegut, language, life, madman, mike allred, modest mouse, mr. t, music, mythology, neil young, oliver queen, oracle, orson welles, patti smith, pere ubu, pink floyd, pirates, postmodernism, psychology, punk, queen, quentin tarantino, raymond chandler, renee montoya, robert rodriguez, rock and roll, sam kieth, sam raimi, scary go round, scott mccloud, seattle, self-awareness, sergio leone, shigeru miyamoto, shigesato itoi, simon & garfunkel, spaghetti westerns, stevie wonder, style, suda51, superman, surrealism, talking heads, ted kord, terry gilliam, the big bopper, the coen brothers, the pixies, the polyphonic spree, the question, the ramones, the velvet underground, tom waits, understanding, venture brothers, vic sage, vodka, wes anderson, will eisner, william s. burroughs, wonder woman, writing

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